The Portuguese Coastal Monitoring Network (CoastNet) infrastructure is associated to MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre and is designed to improve the understanding of coastal ecosystems functioning and variability through the development of a remote coastal monitoring system. The real-time acquisition of relevant chemical, physical and biological variables will allow this valuable information to be integrated in a structured database, which will be available online to the scientific community.

Four main lines of action will constitute the CoastNet scientific proposal and will actively contribute to a continuous monitoring program for the most important Portuguese coastal systems:

  1. a coastal remote sensing system, will be constituted by a satellite data processing center, providing higher-level products, namely sea-surface temperature and ocean color remote sensing data;
  2. an environmental and ecological monitoring system will include real-time measurements and integrated field surveys of environmental and biological variables;
  3. a coastal tracking network will be constituted by several lines of acoustic listening stations, deployed at strategic locations, able to detect tagged marine fauna; and
  4. a web-based platform (i.e. CoastNet) will integrate the collected data and an application to provide open access to the information by the scientific community and administration.