The CoastNet management structure will be composed by a Coordination Council (CC), a Board of Directors (BD), a Scientific Commission (SC), a Laboratory Commission (LC) and an Administrative Officer. There will also be an external international Advisory Board (AB), including members of the scientific community and industry. The CC will include one representative of CO and one representative of UE that designate three members, from the existing management team (LC+SC), for the BD. Members of the BD will be responsible for the executive management of the infrastructure and will work closely with the administrative officer (to be hired) and both technical commissions, SC and LC. The SC will be responsible by establishing the scientific guidelines of the infrastructure. The LC will include one member from each laboratory, who will be responsible for the management of the infrastructure at the local scale. The AB will advise and discuss the scientific strategy with the BD and the SC.


CoastNet Coordinator:
Henrique Cabral


RI operational team:
Ana Brito
Bernardo Quintella
Helena Adão
Joaquim Dias
José Lino Costa
Paula Chainho
Susana França